Monday, December 31, 2012

5 for $5 - Rousing Sports Score Greats

by Travis Elder

This year on ScoreCues we are excited to present a new feature for the budget conscious looking for some great music.  If you are like me you a) don't have the funds to buy even a tenth of the large number of score cues released each year and b) have limited time for listening to the gargantuan amount of hours of score music available.  With these ideas in mind we will regularly feature each month a playlist of five cues costing no more than $5.99 that will let you get the most bang for your listening pleasure buck.  So with out further adieu we present our first 5 for $5: Rousing Sports Score Greats. 

Sports movies often bring out a composers best.  Perhaps this is because sports movies at their core are almost always about an underdog overcoming great odds to triumph.  This theme lends itself well to musical interpretations as this fine playlist below shows: 

Titans Spirit by Trevor Rabin from Remember the Titans (7:25).  First up is Trevor Rabin's muscular manthem from Remember the Titans.  Rabin gave the Titans a spirit in his music that resonates to the core and is sure to arose your inner titan.

The Final Game by Jerry Goldsmith from Rudy (6:13).  Jerry Goldsmith set the gold (couldn't resist the pun) standard for sports movie scoring with his scores to Hoosiers (aka Best Shot ) and Rudy.  The Final Game highlights the final pivotal sequence in Rudy where Daniel "Rudy" Ruettgier fulfills his dream to play football as a player for the University of Notre Dame.  The scene brought me to tears and Jerry's score packs an emotional wallop.

Overture by Bill Conti from Rocky II (8:38).  The Overture from Rocky II is arguably the best cue from the entire Rocky franchise particularly as it states most all of the great themes from the first two movies including the Rocky fanfare including the discoized version, the heartful theme for Adrian, and the new Redemption theme.  This cue is sure to get your heart pumping, energize your disco juices, and inspire you to run ever faster and work harder during your exercise routines.

From Master to Student to Master by James Horner from The Karate Kid (10:33).  This cue from the 2010 Karate Kid reboot was a highlight for me that year.  If you listen to the thirty second sample for this cue you are scarcely given any idea of the powerful punch this cue has to offer.  The cue starts off soft and builds until the last amazing five minutes and 44 seconds, the training montage sequence from the movie, which will blow you away with its stirring and inspirational fanfare.

Ballet for Brawlers by James Peterson from The Red Canvas (11:29).  Don't be fooled by the use of the term 'ballet' as this cue is definitely not Tchaikovsky, but a modern, epic action brawl for a little known mixed martial arts movie.  Its obvious the composer put his heart and soul into this cue and hopefully more will come to appreciate it.  

With so many other great sports cues remaining we are certain to revisit this theme again for our 5 for $5.  At $4.85 and clocking in at over 44 minutes this playlist of sports score cue classics is an out of the park deal!

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