Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random Cue Review: Nathan Furst's African Recon from Act of Valor

Cue Review by Travis Elder (twitter.com/moviescores)

For fun I picked and downloaded a random track, "African Recon," from Nathan Furst's score to Act of Valor, released digitally today.  This cue also happens to be my first exposure to any of Furst's music.  Act of Valor tells the story of a Navy SEALs team's daring rescue of a kidnapped CIA agent and stars actual active duty SEALs.  From :35 to 1:25 plays a nice string theme that recalls, but certainly doesn't copy, Harold Kloser's theme from The Day After Tomorrow.  The string rhythm Furst has paired with the theme works very well.  Really a nice 50 seconds of music.  The slight African flavor of the track comes from pan pipes(?) and some tribal sounding percussion.  Towards the end the electric guitar is used almost like a wailing vocalist.  I should also mention the recording quality is excellent.  Overall, my interest in Furst's work for Act of Valor is certainly peaked and I'd be interested in hearing more.

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Cue Rating: 3.5/5

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