Saturday, December 24, 2011

Amazing Amazon Christmas Soundtrack Sale

Maybe I have a short memory, but I can’t remember a better soundtrack sale at than the one going on now.  At $4.99 per disc many titles are at the lowest price you will find especially for 2011’s newest releases.  The sale ends soon (likely at least through Christmas) so act fast.  Here’s my round up of best bets to pick up at Amazon’s soundtrack Christmas sale:

Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer by Marco Beltrami.  Despite its psychedelic sounding name, Soul Surfer is one of 2011’s best film scores.  The score combines traditional orchestral elements with Hawaiian chorus and the result is a tropical tantalizer that will inspire for years to come.  The whole score is worthy of adding to your collection. 

Real Steel by Danny Elfman.  Could Danny Elfman score Rocky with robots?  The answer is a resounding yes!  This score has a wonderfully inspiring main theme that gets plenty of airtime and will keep you pumped up.  The guitar and electronic elements are woven seamlessly with the orchestra.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the score has ensured I will see it soon.  Another score among 2011’s best.

Doctor Who Series 4 by Murray Gold.  If the thought of Doctor Who makes you shudder you might consider giving the show a chance, but at the very least don’t ignore Murray Gold’s wonderful score.  Also, don’t be put off because this is a score for a television show.  Many TV score’s today are as good or better than film scores and Gold’s Doctor Who material certainly falls into this category.  Beautiful vocals, propulsive action, and gentle themes of beauty all await you.  Get this one for sure.

Rudy by Jerry Goldsmith.  Another feel-good-sports-score, but trust me this is one you don’t want to miss.  A gently, beautiful main theme combined with a rousing sports action theme make this score one of my all-time favorite sport’s scores.

How to Train Your Dragon by John Powell.  Powell’s How to Train Your Dragon is my favorite score of 2010.  The score oozes with excitement (Test Drive: all I can say is wow), romance (Forbidden Friendship is sweet), and heart.  My four year old has asked to listen to this score many times.  The score has an epic quality to it and there is really northing cartoony about it.   

Thor by Patrick Doyle.  Thor gets my vote for its romance theme (exemplified by Can You See Jane?) and a solid theme for Thor (Sons of Odin, Ride to the Observatory) and some rousing action music (Thor Kills the Destroyer, Frost Giant Battle). 

Iris: Cirque de Soleil by Danny Elfman.  The score to one of Cirque de Soleil latest circus caught me by pleasant surprise.  Elfman's score is excellent and employs many of his trademarks including some great vocal work in tracks such as The Broom/Flying Scarlett.  At $4.99 this score is a steal.  Highly recommended.  

Others worth mentioning:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Parts 1 and 2 by Alexander Desplat
Star Trek by Michael Giacchino
Super 8 by Michael Giacchino
The Karate Kid by James Horner
Battle: Los Angeles by Brian Tyler

I’ve missed many great ones so check them all out here.

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