Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spending "Time" with Hans Zimmer's Inception

I can remember when the score for The Dark Knight came out and I first heard "Why so Serious" the supposed one note theme for the Joker.  With that kind of introduction I was intrigued, but while an interesting technique, ultimately on album it really doesn't work for me and the song is virtually unlistenable for most moods.  Hans has continued his minimalistic ideas with Inception and created a theme that is a mere two notes repeated repetitiously while varying pace and intensity, for example.  "Time" is to Inception what "Journey to the Line" is to The Thin Red Line what "CheValiers de Sangreal" is to The Da Vinci Code: a repetitious theme that builds to a loud and stirring crescendo.  So in this sense it is not really so groundbreaking in construct.  Time becomes so minimalistic that almost anyone can play the final minute, singlehandedly no less.  Nevertheless, simplicity can be a good thing and it is interesting to continue listening to Zimmer's experimentation with it.  According to Zimmer he extracted just two notes from an Édith Piaf song “Non, je ne Regrette Rien.”  I like CheValiers de Sangreal.  I like Journey to the Line.  And I like Time.  While it may not surpass sliced bread in inventiveness, Time is still a nice cue with apparently great thought put into its relationship to the movie from which it comes.***1/2 

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