Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eleven Year Old Appreciation for Gregson-Williams' Prince of Persia

So tonight my children wanted a treat and I agreed to give them some if they correctly identified the score after hearing a cue.  I was shocked when I put on Raid on Alamut from Prince of Persia: Sands of Time by Harry Gregson-Williams that my eleven year old daughter identified the score correctly from clear on the other side of the house after only ten seconds into the cue.  If you've heard the track then you know it starts out subdued for the first ten seconds or so.  She replied, "It's the only one I know that sounds Persian."  So Harry, as far as my ten year old is concerned you nailed the Persian sound.  The beginning of the cue begins with the Hollywood sound for the middle east and then quickly turns to suspenseful percussion to back Dastan, the film's heroine, as he super humanely scales the wall to gain entry to the sacred city of Alamut.   About two minutes in the cue's intensity kicks into high gear with furious strings back by percussive elements common to Harry Gregson-Williams' scores.  About 3:49 some male chanting joins the mix and then at about 4:28 some solo, male, ethnic wailing briefly appears to highlight Dastan's gaze of the city from atop a spire.  At 5:23 the theme for Prince of Persia makes an appearance and then again in softer tones at 5:59.  The cue ends heroically backed by chorus.  My initial reception to this piece and score were lukewarm.  However, seeing the melding of film to cue increased my appreciation for Harry's work.  Raid on Alamut is certainly a noteworthy cue from 2010 and recommended not only by me, but also by my eleven year old daughter.  Also, recommended are The Prince of Persia and Destiny.****    

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