Saturday, September 11, 2010

A 99 Cent Introduction to James Hannigan

One month ago I had only fleetingly heard the name James Hannigan nor could I have expected to find a track from a video game I had never heard of, Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, become one of my favorite cues of 2010 so far.  A recent message board post on Filmtracks discussed favorites tracks of 2010 and The Prophet's Ascension was mentioned as a selection.  I noticed it was a from a video game scored by James Hannigan someone I had heard of a while back as the composer of a Harry Potter game score that exceeded the score by Nicholas Hooper for the actual movie.  The Prophet's Ascension is of the same or even better quality one might expect in an epic film score. 

A boys choir and an undulating string theme that starts out mysterious and somewhat somber but turns more energetic and inspiring combine to make a powerhouse of a cue that extends for over eleven minutes, but never wears out its welcome.  At 99 cents, every score collector really has no excuse for trying out this beautiful work.  The Prophet's Ascension along with Michael Giacchino's Arnhem from Medal of Honor: Frontline are my favorite video game choral score cues.  I will certainly be keeping an ear out for James Hannigan in the future.

Download: The Prophet's Ascension

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